Purchasing One of Our Homes

If you are interested in purchasing one of our homes, there are various requirements depending upon the funding which was utilized in the construction process.

Application and Purchase Documents

(forms 801-806 must be submitted all at once with an executed sales contract)  Click on the underlined form # to download the form.

Form 801   Application
Form 802   EEO Data Collection
Form 803   Contract Contingencies
Form 804   HOA Document Receipt
Form 805   Permission to Use Photgraphs
Form 806   Lender Certification
Form 807   Homebuyer Counseling Certification – to be submitted after approval but before closing

Properties & Homes for Sale

We have the following new homes for sale:

Location:  32 Virginia Avenue in Cumberland

Price: $130,000

Contact:  301-724-6606 ext 100 or Coldwell Banker Real Estate Office


Cumberland Housing ALLIANCE - 635 E. First Street, Cumberland MD, 21502